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Become a Partner of The Abbey

Here at The Abbey We want to make it as easy and convenient as possible for you to join our family. There are however some basics of Faith we would like to make sure you know before partnering with us in Joining Heaven to Earth! Don’t worry, we have put together 3 category booklets and links to videos that contain the material we want you to know.

Our 3 classroom books are Believe, Belong, and Connect. We believe they help us carry out our mission statement to Know, Grow, and Go together! Click on the Icons below to read a little about each one.


We are so glad you are interested in joining The Abbey family. This class will let you know what we BELIEVE. We share with you eight foundational truths to strengthen your faith.



This is the second stem of information we would like for you to know, to help you BELONG. We share with you more about our mission, our vision and our core-values. We call these together, our “DNA”. They shape who we are and answer the questions of “why, what and how” we do things at the Abbey.


Our Go class will help you CONNECT! Connect with God most importantly, but also connect with others in our family. We share with you about spiritual gifting offering you a survey of your unique gifts. This help you know how you serve with greatest ease and impact.

We Want to have a Party For You

Its True! We believe anytime God adds someone to us we should celebrate. We will have multiple Partnership Parties throughout the year that includes dinner and fellowship to get to know you, as well as let you ask questions and get to know us better. You also will be given opportunity to engage in available areas to serve and become a part of our community.

These parties are by invitation for planning purposes, but we would love to connect and invite all those interested. For more information please email