Preacher: Pastor Paul Brownback In a truly non-traditional Mother's Day message, Pastor Paul used today to honor women. Not just mothers, though he certainly did that also, but women from the garden until now. A message that all women and girls should hear, but also all men and boys. Maybe especially all men and boys. It is a powerful, inspirational, and uplifting message. As well as, truthful, necessary, and important for the church to hear, and the world to know the church actually gets it, though as Pastor Paul points out, we should have been the ones to inform the world, not the other way around.
Preacher: Cliff Weaver Since this current series is about relationships, you might think from the title that is message is probably about marriage. Well you would be wrong, right, and somewhere in the middle. Cliff Weaver brings a masterful message about life is better together. The Lord made us social animals and when we follow His plan the path of life tends to be smoother. Listen to this hilarious and poignant message from an everyday mighty man of God.
Preacher: Pastor Perrianne Brownback Pastor Perrianne's poignant message was filled with lots of humor in both her message and self revealing regarding some of her growing up experiences. There was of course some of her deep insight in discovering and recognizing God's destiny for our lives.


April 8, 2018
Preacher: Pastor Perrianne Brownback Listen as our Pastors take the X-Factor messages on a new path; the path called Relationships. First up, our own Pastor Perrianne. And as we all know, she delivers her messages in ways we never forget, and this one is no exception.

X-Factor…The Eraser

March 11, 2018
Preacher: Pastor Paul Brownback If you are able, it would benefit you to look on YouTube for the movie trailer of the movie "The Eraser" which stared Arnold Schwarzenegger. Because it was the end of that trailer that Pastor Paul brought a powerful, eye opening message of the work Jesus did for us on the cross. This is well worth taking the time to listen.

Who is Your EX?

February 25, 2018
For the next few weeks the Pastors are starting a new series. Well really, it is an offshoot of the X-Factor leading up to Easter. Have you ever read Roman's…

Maximum Exposure

January 21, 2018
Visiting Pastor Kris Miyake from Hawaii brought the Abbey a moving and important message on our lives reflecting the greatness, the glory, and the reality of Jesus in the lives…