The Wise Men

December 29, 2019
God for us    God with us    God in us the Father        the Son      the Holy Spirit If you're intrigued and want more, then come watch or listen to Cliff Weaver…


December 2, 2018
Cliff Weaver begins the beginning of the Advent series of messages. Jesus is the hope of glory, so it is only fitting for Cliff to begin with a powerful message…
Preacher: Cliff Weaver Since this current series is about relationships, you might think from the title that is message is probably about marriage. Well you would be wrong, right, and somewhere in the middle. Cliff Weaver brings a masterful message about life is better together. The Lord made us social animals and when we follow His plan the path of life tends to be smoother. Listen to this hilarious and poignant message from an everyday mighty man of God.