God’s Plan

August 12, 2018
Pastor Paul brings us a message showing us the difference between God's plans for us verses God's purpose for us. He also shows us the difference between God's relationship with…

Breath of God

July 22, 2018
This Sunday we, the Abbey Church, had the privilege to host a guest speaker who easily out did any of the expectations presented when we were informed of his coming.…

New Wineskins

June 3, 2018
Preacher: Pastor Paul Brownback The message for this Sunday seemed to spark the prophetic; and given the title, New Wineskins, it seems appropriate that Pastor Paul (who gave the message) and others would pick up The Spirit's desire to minister both from the powerful message and prophetically to a few individuals as well as the entire congregation.
Bible Text: Acts 10:19-33 | Preacher: Pastor Jack Groblewski Visiting Pastor Jack Groblewski gave us a fresh and unique look at what is a divine appointment, and what to do when you get one. And as he pointed out to us, you will get one. But then what? Come listen as Pastor Jack explains.
Preacher: Pastor Paul Brownback In a truly non-traditional Mother's Day message, Pastor Paul used today to honor women. Not just mothers, though he certainly did that also, but women from the garden until now. A message that all women and girls should hear, but also all men and boys. Maybe especially all men and boys. It is a powerful, inspirational, and uplifting message. As well as, truthful, necessary, and important for the church to hear, and the world to know the church actually gets it, though as Pastor Paul points out, we should have been the ones to inform the world, not the other way around.