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Paul Brownback, M.S., M.M.D.

Senior Pastor
Paul Brownback has been the primary leader of The Abbey church since 1988. Having answered the call of God to pastor while in the first weeks of Medical school, Paul holds a B.S. in Bio-medical Chemistry and an M.S. in Immunology from University of North Texas Health Science Center. He also holds a Masters of Ministry Degree from Southwestern Christian University. He leads the church with a passion for the presence of God and practical application of the Word of God to see God’s grace bring people into wholeness and the fulfillment of their destiny in God.

Perrianne Brownback M.S.

Co- Pastor
Perrianne Brownback leads the Abbey Church in team with her husband, Paul. She also was called out of a career in scientific research with the intention to study the Word of God in search for revelation of cures for human disease. She holds her Masters of Science in Biology from Texas Christian University. She continues to study and teach revelation from the Word of God for the release of the creative power of God, and to equip and empower the people of God to engage their culture with the redemptive truths of the Gospel.

Jeff Summers

Service Areas: Ushers, Greeters, Sound, Media, Facilities,Men’s Events, Event Setup

Donna Summers

Service Areas: Hospitality, coffee crew, finance, greeters, nursery, building & event décor’

Butch Breed

Service Areas: Worship team, greeters/welcome

Darlene Breed

Service Areas: Welcome team. Bookkeeping, Office communications, facilities

Matt Summers

Service Area: Stewardship Team, Community Group, Kids Church, Worship Team, Setup,

Joe Brownback

Service Area: Children’s Ministries, Media, Sound, Worship Team, Church Admin/office & bookkeeping, Usher,


Cliff Weaver

Service Areas: Community Groups, Facilities Development & Maintenance; Missions



We agree strongly with John Maxwell who said, “It takes teamwork to make the dream work!” Above is just a small part of our team, shared here so that you can connect with them and know more about who we are. We believe that every member is a minister and the real heroes are the volunteers who give their time, talent, and energy to passionately serving others